Laminator Craze

I’m obsessed with my Scotch laminator!! I get 200 large laminating sheets for $20 at Sam’s Club! My laminator was only $20 at Walmart after Christmas! I was using rolled taped to keep my little pieces from sliding but I love the glue idea– sooo much faster! I have also mastered laminating longer items using two laminating pouches and some clear tape!

I would like to share I have the scotch laminator and love it, But i notice that the scotch sheets are the ones that slide, I started buying the Royal brand from Sams, you get 200 for a cheaper price and they work better.

Most laminated material is not biodegradable as per If you have to laminate, please buy biodegradable material to laminate with. And tell your children too as they need to hear about your efforts and be inspired to protect their world! Even better learning!