Housing Crisis in Vancouver

There should be balance. Right now there’s imbalance in¬†real¬†estate prices concentrating in areas with large Chinese populations only. The Feds better start implementation restrictions like New Zealand where they are protecting homes for their own citizens first.


Who is giving them permission to list Vancouver properties. The way I understand it only agents in Canada can legally can have access to the MLS info. Something doesn’t look right!!! As well, Canadians must come first given the history of the RE Industry in Vancouver and the lack of affordable housing.

Also, China has strict laws on how much they can take out of their country each year ($10K USD). The question needs to be asked how are they going to get around this law in China? Also, if they get around China’s law, who in Canada is going to help them get their illegal money into Canada to buy real estate?

My grandparents came here to build neighborhoods with real people not to see those neighborhoods turned into ghost neighborhoods and land banks of offshore people!

You better get your non slip yoga mat and hope our children won’t go homeless.