Different Diaper Rash Cream For Cloth Diapers?

I cloth diapered all four of my children 38 to 26 years ago and used cotton prefolds, pins and plastic pants. I wasn’t going to spend money on something my child would dirty and I would pitch shortly after purchasing. Never once did my babies complainĀ about feeling wet, never had blow outs and never bad rash and when they did using best diaper rash cream solved it fast.

So even though the newer styles have come a long way, the old style was and still is an inexpensive and effective option and was the only option for most of our human existence. With that said, I love the new styles of cloth diapers and am so happy it is once again becoming mainstream for families with children.

We use diapers and cloth wipes! Affordable, you save a lot of money, easy, no blowouts, no fuss, no brainer!
Now, when we have another child, we already have the diapers it needs so won’t have to buy any.
It’s the most normal way to diaper a child and has been done for thousand upon thousand of years and you don’t deal with diaper rash creams.
With disposables, they stink of chemicals, don’t hold everything properly and are filling up landfills worldwide.

The estimated price is way too high! We’ve only spent maybe $300 overtime on our cloth diapers & supplies! Not to mention, you can resell them when you’re done.

You can easily cloth diaper for under $100, not $800-1,000. Over time you will also save money on diaper rash cream.

You can buy used, and spend as little or as much as needed depending on your diapering preferences.
Plus, there are resources such as the Rebecca Foundation that can help families start their own stashes of cloth.
Really proud of myself that I’ve went against everyone who criticized me hard, and did cloth, and have done it for a year so far. I’ve only spent maybe under $400( 50 diapers) that includes cloth wipes too.
And I have all the diapers I’llĀ ever need for my kids!! Be a little open minded and don’t judge us moms who do it and make us feel crazy, cause we just like most moms just want what’s best for our sweet babies!