Association Constitution

  1. The name of the association is “SOUTH EAST KITING ASSOCIATION”
  2. The association is established to promote the study and practice of the sport of kiting activities. In furtherance of the foregoing objects the association shall have the following powers:
    a. To establish, promote, or assist any company or institution established for purposes all or any of which are similar to the objects of the association
    b. To present, produce, organise, manage, provide or conduct debates and courses of instruction produced in any form and by any medium, as the association may think fit for the purpose of furthering it’s objects.
    c. To carry out cultural activities of all kinds incidental to the promotion, maintenance, improvement and advancement of kiting activities.
    d. To do all other things which will further the attainment of the objects of the association
  3. The income and property of the association whence so ever derived, shall be applied solely towards the promotion of the objects of the association.
    Provided that nothing herein shall prevent, in good faith by the association of:
    a. Reasonable and proper remuneration to any member of the association, in return for any service actually rendered to the association.
    b. Reasonable and proper rent for premises demised or let to the association by any member of the association.
    c. reasonable out-of-pocket expenses incurred by any member of the Committee.


  1. It is a requirement of membership to have current 3rd party liability insurance for the kiting activities you undertake.
  2. Members are required to notify the association of changes relating to their membership, including but not limited to change of address, insurance changes, and emergency contact details.
  3. Members must not act in a way that brings the association into disrepute. Any member deemed to be in breach of the association rules or constitution shall at the discretion of the committee be liable to expulsion.
  4. Members must return club property promptly when requested. Members are liable for the replacement or repair cost if the item is lost or damaged.
  5. The committee reserves the right to refuse any applicant whose membership it is considered would not be in the best interest of the association.

General Meetings

  1. The association shall hold a General Meeting in every calendar year as its Annual General Meeting at such time and place as may be determined by the Committee, and shall specify the meeting as such in the notices calling it.
  2. All General Meetings, other than the Annual General Meeting, shall be called an Extraordinary General Meetings.
  3. The Committee may whenever they think fit convene an Extraordinary General Meeting.
  4. 28 days notice of every AGM and of every meeting convened to pass a Special Resolution and 14 days notice of every other General Meeting, specifying the place, the day and the hour of the meeting, and in the case of special business the general nature of that business, shall be given.

Proceedings at General Meetings

  1. The Chairman of the Committee shall preside as Chairman at every General Meeting, but if there be no such Chairman or if at any meeting shall not be present, the members present shall choose a member of the Committee to preside.
  2. At any General Meeting a resolution put to the vote of the meeting shall be decided on a show of hands. In the case of an equality of votes, the Chairman of the meeting shall be entitled to a second or casting vote.

Votes of Members

  1. Every member shall have one vote.
  2. No member other than a member duly registered who shall have paid every subscription and other sum (if any) which shall be due and payable to the association in respect of his membership, shall be entitled to vote on any question.

Management Committee

  1. There shall be a Management Committee of the association, the members of the Committee shall consist of a minimum of three officers being, at least, the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer.
  2. At the first AGM and at every third subsequent AGM the members of the Committee shall automatically resign but shall be eligible for re-appointment.
  3. The Committee may from time to time and at any time, appoint any member of the association as a member of the Committee, either to fill a casual vacancy or by way of addition to the Committee.
  4. The association may by Extraordinary Resolution remove any member of the Committee before the expiration of his period of office.
  5. The committee reserve the right to act in the best interest of the association and decide by majority on situations that are not covered by in the constitution or rules.
  6. The Committee shall appoint members to a council to carry out specific tasks in the management of the club as needed. The council shall report directly to the committee.

Proceedings of the Committee

  1. The Committee may meet together for the despatch of business, and otherwise regulate their meeting as they think fit. Questions arising at any meeting shall be decided by a majority of votes. In case of any equality of votes the Chairman shall have a second or casting vote.
  2. A member of the Committee may, at any time, summon a meeting of the Committee.
  3. The Committee shall cause proper minutes to be made of all appointments made by the Committee and of the proceedings of all meetings of the association.


  1. The Committee shall cause accounting records to be kept.
  2. At the AGM in every year the Committee shall lay before the association an income and expenditure account for the period since the last preceding account.


  1. The association may be dissolved at an AGM or EGM by resolution passed by two thirds of the members present and voting.
  2. In the event of dissolution the members of the Committee holding office will remain responsible for the orderly winding up of the affairs of the Association.
  3. After paying or making provision for all debts and liabilities of the Association the Committee shall distribute any remaining assets to any non-profit making organisations who will further the aims of the association or a suitable charity as decided by a majority of the committee.