Different Diaper Rash Cream For Cloth Diapers?

I cloth diapered all four of my children 38 to 26 years ago and used cotton prefolds, pins and plastic pants. I wasn’t going to spend money on something my child would dirty and I would pitch shortly after purchasing. Never once did my babies complain about feeling wet, never had blow outs and never bad rash and when they did using best diaper rash cream solved it fast.

So even though the newer styles have come a long way, the old style was and still is an inexpensive and effective option and was the only option for most of our human existence. With that said, I love the new styles of cloth diapers and am so happy it is once again becoming mainstream for families with children.

We use diapers and cloth wipes! Affordable, you save a lot of money, easy, no blowouts, no fuss, no brainer!
Now, when we have another child, we already have the diapers it needs so won’t have to buy any.
It’s the most normal way to diaper a child and has been done for thousand upon thousand of years and you don’t deal with diaper rash creams.
With disposables, they stink of chemicals, don’t hold everything properly and are filling up landfills worldwide.

The estimated price is way too high! We’ve only spent maybe $300 overtime on our cloth diapers & supplies! Not to mention, you can resell them when you’re done.

You can easily cloth diaper for under $100, not $800-1,000. Over time you will also save money on diaper rash cream.

You can buy used, and spend as little or as much as needed depending on your diapering preferences.
Plus, there are resources such as the Rebecca Foundation that can help families start their own stashes of cloth.
Really proud of myself that I’ve went against everyone who criticized me hard, and did cloth, and have done it for a year so far. I’ve only spent maybe under $400( 50 diapers) that includes cloth wipes too.
And I have all the diapers I’ll ever need for my kids!! Be a little open minded and don’t judge us moms who do it and make us feel crazy, cause we just like most moms just want what’s best for our sweet babies!

Laminator Craze

I’m obsessed with my Scotch laminator!! I get 200 large laminating sheets for $20 at Sam’s Club! My laminator was only $20 at Walmart after Christmas! I was using rolled taped to keep my little pieces from sliding but I love the glue idea– sooo much faster! I have also mastered laminating longer items using two laminating pouches and some clear tape!

I would like to share I have the scotch laminator and love it, But i notice that the scotch sheets are the ones that slide, I started buying the Royal brand from Sams, you get 200 for a cheaper price and they work better.

Most laminated material is not biodegradable as per http://kellysclassroom.com. If you have to laminate, please buy biodegradable material to laminate with. And tell your children too as they need to hear about your efforts and be inspired to protect their world! Even better learning!

Increasing Bali Volcano Activity

None of this is abnormal these aren’t the only volcanoes going off in the world just the ones the news shows, there are always volcanoes erupting or showing signs of eruption doesn’t mean we are all doomed or the world is changing its our world doing what it does letting off steam.


Don’t be surprised, it’s all happening at the core of the earth. Notice when earthquakes happen, they normally happen even weeks apart. This is not unusual and could be signs of more to come.

Housing Crisis in Vancouver

There should be balance. Right now there’s imbalance in real estate prices concentrating in areas with large Chinese populations only. The Feds better start implementation restrictions like New Zealand where they are protecting homes for their own citizens first.


Who is giving them permission to list Vancouver properties. The way I understand it only agents in Canada can legally can have access to the MLS info. Something doesn’t look right!!! As well, Canadians must come first given the history of the RE Industry in Vancouver and the lack of affordable housing.

Also, China has strict laws on how much they can take out of their country each year ($10K USD). The question needs to be asked how are they going to get around this law in China? Also, if they get around China’s law, who in Canada is going to help them get their illegal money into Canada to buy real estate?

My grandparents came here to build neighborhoods with real people not to see those neighborhoods turned into ghost neighborhoods and land banks of offshore people!

You better get your non slip yoga mat and hope our children won’t go homeless.

Sunday dinner with family

Easter conjures up many images for me. Easter eggs, Easter Sunday dinner with family, baby chicks, lambs, the Easter Bunny… The list could go on and on. 
Dr. Oetkedecided to combine a couple of my favourite things from Easter and create an amazing edible six foot tall Bunny Bum which was placed on display in London. This chocolate lovers dream was commissioned by Dr. Oetker and crafted by baking expert Juliet Sear. Taking over 110 hours to create and using more than 3000 bars of Dr. Oetkers Fine Cooks’ chocolate, it brought a smile to commuters’ faces today in Potter’s Field Park.
This giant creation that shows the Easter Bunny’s Bum burrowing into the grass was constructed during a 10 day period and includes over 450kg of chocolate. Juliet made the giant creation piece by piece, allowing the parts to harden and dry overnight. She then finished the Bunny by attaching its 8 foot ears and feet which were prepared with Dr Oetker’s Fine Cooks’ White chocolate. 
When asked about her wonderful creation, Juliet said:
‘’During Easter everyone automatically thinks of chocolate eggs. When Dr. Oetker came to me wanting to champion the Easter bunny, I was excited to create something a little different. When you undertake such an ambitious project, quality ingredients are key to success. After some expected challenges with the first-time creation, my team and I had lots of fun and were all so proud to have completed it. Move over chocolate egg, there’s somebunny new in town!’’
So why am I telling you about this? Well apart from the fact that a giant bunny bum being constructed in the middle of London is just awesomewe were sent a recipe to create some Bunny Bum cupcakes ourselves! I’m not going to liethis recipe wasn’t the easiest one in the world but it gave some fantastic results and we managed to make cupcakes that would make a wonderful Easter gift and a great alternative to the traditional Easter eggs. 
This is what our Bunny Bum cupcakes should have looked like:
This is what our Bunny Bum cupcakes actually looked like:
You can see the full recipe along with all the ingredients you will need here http://www.oetker.co.uk/k-en/rezepte/r/bunny-bum-cupcakes.html
We included a little addition to our cupcakes to add more chocolate to it! We used the fabulous Dr. Oetker Surprise Inside Cupcake Centres in Rich Chocolate flavour.  This meant that when these yummy little cupcakes are bitten into, there is a delicious, gooey surprise in the middle. 
So what do you think? Will you be making your own Bunny Bum cupcakes this Easter? If you enjoyed this guest post by crokids  check out more at Hammocks