SEKA is an open group of independent kiting enthusiasts, formed to fulfil the following objectives within the South East UK:

  • promote all forms of kite flying: traction, sport, display
  • provide information about local kiting sites and activities
  • organise kiting events: impromptu weekend fly-ins, social events, festivals
  • co-ordinate negotiation with local authorities to secure access to flying sites
  • enjoy kiting!

Supporting Everyone’s Kiting Activities

What the objectives really boil down to:

We promote all forms of kiting within the community as enjoyable, environmentally sound and healthy, family friendly and educational activity. We promote Power and Traction Kiting as a safe and responsible sport and provide a socially active club for fliers of all disciplines to belong to.

Ways that we do this:

  • Present an accountable organised exterior without attempting to regulate the sport
  • Give Local Authorities and Land Owners somewhere to go for advice and assistance with concerns about land use and public safety
  • Give Local Authorities and Land Owners a way to publish land use information and restrictions directly to the fliers
  • Provide Risk Assessments and Health & Safety advice
  • Provide a channel for information to be passed to members and kite fliers in general through our contacts in the sport and the industry
  • Provide consistent point of contact for Local Authorities and Land Owners by way of Local Area Representatives
  • Provide a committee to run the club and manage the operation
  • Maintain a continuously changing, active web site for members and public to use with forums for interactive questions and answers
  • Email and postal contact into the committee and area representatives
  • All members insured against third party risks
  • Members abide by a documented voluntary code of conduct

Benefits for the members:

  • Advice and social chat via web forums
  • Fly-ins at different places to meet up with other fliers
  • Someone to help out with access disputes
  • Holidays and social events
  • Provide information about suitable sites and restrictions
  • Benefits in particular are constantly under review with new ideas actively sought. A number are presently under investigation

Why fly-ins?

  • To provide a regular meeting point for members
  • To provide somewhere for spectators and prospective members to meet us with dates & places published well in advance on the web site
  • To give access to advice from experienced flyers

Presence at organised events:

  • To promote the club and its activities
  • To raise public awareness of the sport in all its forms

All this is provided entirely voluntarily as a not-for-profit organisation. All costs are covered through sponsorship and fund-raising activities. We aim to keep SEKA free to join and inclusive of all kite disciplines.

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