About Us

Who We Are

We are a growing blog, looking for writers and freelancers. We have an image and a dream. Please contact us if you have questions.


Ways that we do this:

  • Present an accountable organised exterior without attempting to regulate the sport
  • Give Local Authorities and Land Owners somewhere to go for advice and assistance with concerns about land use and public safety
  • Give Local Authorities and Land Owners a way to publish land use information and restrictions directly to the fliers
  • Provide Risk Assessments and Health & Safety advice
  • Provide a channel for information to be passed to members and kite fliers in general through our contacts in the sport and the industry
  • Provide consistent point of contact for Local Authorities and Land Owners by way of Local Area Representatives
  • Provide a committee to run the club and manage the operation
  • Maintain a continuously changing, active web site for members and public to use with forums for interactive questions and answers
  • Email and postal contact into the committee and area representatives
  • All members insured against third party risks
  • Members abide by a documented voluntary code of conduct